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By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-02

computer help desk experts suggest some instructions following which you can restore your data. These directions are given for a hard drive with a connection of 3.5" IDE. You will need to have a USB to IDE adapter. You need to refer to the manufacturer handbook on connecting and powering your devices if you have any sort of different drive and adapter. You can follow the instruction to restore data from a virus hit hard drive and if you face any difficulty then you can call any time to 24x7 computer help desk .

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Now plug the right outlet on the adapter to the hard drives’ IDE/SATA/PATA outlet. The white power cord which is from the main tower to the hard drive is needed to be plugged on. This step is vital if you fail to generate power to the hard drive, the good computer won’t be able to read the information. As a result the good computer will not be able to recognize it as a storage device.

Ensure that you have powered off the power cords. Computer help experts now suggest opening the virus hit computer tower. Remove the virus affected hard drive ensure that you have minutely noticed how you have removed this because you will have to put it in the same way.

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Now turn on the good computer which has the Recovery software installed in it. Plug the USB end from the USB to IDE adapter to the good computer that has the Recovery software installed. Now the computer will recognize the hard drive as a storage device.

The tech support Computer Help Desk experts suggest you to plug the power cord to the AC that came from the USB adapter. Now it is time to plug the power into the virus hit computer tower .The other end of the virus hit computer tower power cord is needed to be plugged to an AC outlet and now you need to turn it on. This will generate power to the white plug to the hard drive.

Now run the recovery software and make sure you have properly selected files you want to retrieve in the hard drive. Ensure that you have saved all the necessary files to the good computer or to a USB device. Recovering all files won’t be possible. But tech support team suggests saving the important office documents, music files, database and video files.

When you have completed the recovery process, you need to unplug the USB when in safely remove hardware mode.

Now turn the disassembled computer off and you now need to remove the AC outlet from the USB to IDE adapter. From the hard drive remove the white plug. Now reinstall the hard drive that was unreadable. Plug in the IDE cable. Ensure that you have plugged the white power cord. Place the case in place.

Arrange everything in place. Turn the main computer on. Now you need to run a system recovery in full. Plug in the USB where you saved all the retrieved data and save these on your restored PC. Reinstall all the needed software and get going Computer Help Desk

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