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Were do you go for help? Just It Computer Help Desk FREE

How to use Google to keep your computer error free.

What do you do when an error message pops up on your screen?
The first thing you need to do is write down the exact wording of the error message. Then hold down the Alt button and click on the Print Screen button.

Computer Help Desk

Computer Help Desk Just On Our Eyes

This will copy an image of the error message to your clipboard. Now you can open your paint program by clicking on your Start button > Programs > Accessories > Paint. On the menu bar, at the top of the program, click on Edit, then Paste. This will copy the picture of the error message into your Paint program and you can then save a copy of it. I advise making a folder on your hard drive and naming it something like Error Messages. Save a copy on any error messages you get into this folder for future reference.
Now open your Browser and go to to get Computer Help Desk

Computer Help Desk, Don’t Panic

Type the exact error message and click on the Search Button Computer Help Desk . Now comes the hard part. You will need to read the summaries of each link to find the one that closely matches your issue. Click on that link and check out that web site to see if it talks about your error message. Most of the time you will find you are at a forum site, with other people asking the same question. You can then see if anyone has answered the question on how to fix the error. You may have to look a while find the right answer, but I have found over the years this is your best resource for Computer Help Desk

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