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Computer Help Desk , Printer is a commonly used device which is essential for our day to day activities. Some common problems like printing garbage, error message on computer, no response, wrong text attributes in text, faded texts etc are some very common problems. These can be solved if you follow the steps described by the computer support expert team in most of the time. In time of problems and difficulties you can always call up the 24/7 tech support experts. You just need to explain your problems and the expert team at computer help desk is always there to answer your questions.

Canon PIXMA MP 2581

Computer Help Desk Printer

If you get no response from the printer and an error message is shown it can be due to a
connection error. In this case the Computer Help Desk service advice to check whether the cables are properly connected. You can consult the manual for advises on what cabling you need to select.

If you have an Inkjet printer and you are facing the problem like printing garbage this can probably be due to the wrong printer driver installation. In this case you can call to the tech support experts any time and they will direct you the steps you need to follow then.

Another common problem with the printer is that sometimes it looks like that it is printing but no ink can be seen. The computer help experts say that this happens mainly due to the missing of ink cartridge installation. Because sometimes it is a different item from the print head assembly that is already installed in the printer from the factory.

Sometimes you can see some texts have wrong print attributes like in the soft copy it was written as bold but in the hard copy it came out as normal attributes. This thing generally happen when a wrong printer driver is installed.

Another problem has been noticed many times. In many times it is seen that parts of characters are missing or characters not coming into the correct color. The computer repair experts say suggest that this may be due to the fact that the ink cartridge is either clogged or running out of ink. They suggest that you should run the software cleaning utility to fix the clog. In case of ink cartridge running out of ink you need to replace the same.

Computer Help Desk Slowly

When Laser printer is concerned the prints garbage is caused mainly due to the result of a wrong or corrupt printer driver, such as a PostScript driver on a non-PostScript printer. The computer help experts advise to install the right driver for proper service.
Sometimes the letters are seen to jumble together .This happens mainly because the font is unavailable. In case the printer is taking too much time in printing the computer help experts suggest that you need to check whether printer is trying to print text in graphics mode. Then you need to put a font change code at the beginning of the document for a font that exists on the printer.

If the printing is found smeared or you found some faint lines on the page this may be due to the dirty or broken fuser. You need to replace it if this is the case Computer Help Desk 

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