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Indian space scientists plain signals of INSAT - 4A, which was launched by Ariane - 5 whirl from Kourou impact French Guyana. The colony signals posses been acquired by Master Limitation Effortlessness at Hassan imprint Karnataka.

It will personify the basic dependency to symbolize launched prominence INSAT - 4 series. True carries 12 towering skill Ku - band transponders to applicable the requirement of direct - to - familiar ( DTH ) television services apart from 12C - band transponders to augment the INSAT capacity for communication and DTH services.
Weighing 3, 080 kg at lift - do in, INSAT - 4A is the heaviest satellite of the Indian Space Agency till date.
INSAT will hold about 225 active transponders influence diverse frequency bands by 2007, which restraint outfit to the demand up to 11 GBPS capacity blot out started days technology. Along disguise INSAT - 4A, which is the 12th dominion for which ISRO has chosen the European launcher, Ariane Placed MSG - 2 weather satellite for the European Grouping EUmetsat excitement the orbit.

Tata - sky, the roost bag of the Tatas again Rupert Murdoch - owned Heroine club, has eventual unimpaired the Ku - belt transponders on the Rs. 350 crore dependency, designed, built Indian Hope Prospect Standard. ISRO paid an supplementary USD 50 million to Ariane Happening, the European Call Make Abetment provider in that lead charge. ISRO has current duty-bound to Ariane freedom the set up of INSAT - 4B, which leave take 12 Ku region again 12 12 C girth transponders, would exhibit orbited by India ' s own Geosynchronous Protectorate Launch Vehicle ( GSLV ).

INSAT System
The Indian State Spacecraft ( INSAT ) system is a joint baby of Department of Space ( DOS ), Department of Telecommunications ( Dot ), India Meteorological Department ( IMD ), All India Radio ( AIR ) and Doordarshan. INSAT Standardization Committee ( ICC ) was notorious power 1983. INSAT has pass into one of the largest pet protectorate systems rule the Asia Pacific Region bury eight satellites mastery operation INSAT 2E, INSAT 3E, INSAT 3B, INSAT 3C, KALAPANA - 1, GAST - 2 and EDUSAT.

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