CCNP Certification / BCMSN Crack Tutorial: HSRP MAC Addresses And Timers

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-17

To earn your CCNP certification and pass the BCMSN dry run, you ' ve got to perceive what HSRP does and the several configurable options. Continuance the operation of HSRP is fully simple ( and private leadership a previous tutorial ), you again requirement to sense how HSRP arrives at the MAC inscription for the virtual router - over bushy-tailed through how to configure a unusual MAC for this virtual router. This puts us mastery the prominent position of creating a perceptible label for a router that doesn ' t hap!

The takings of spectacle standby for a two - router HSRP configuration is shown below.

R2#show standby

Ethernet0 - Group 5

Local state is Standby, priority 100

Hellotime 3 sec, holdtime 10 sec

Closest hello sent network 0. 776

Virtual IP superscription is 172. 12. 23. 10 configured

Active router is 172. 12. 23. 3, priority 100 expires network 9. 568

Standby router is local

1 state changes, last state copper 00: 00: 22

R3#show standby

Ethernet0 - Conglomerate 5

Local state is Active, priority 100

Hellotime 3 sec, holdtime 10 sec

Next hello sent access 2. 592

Virtual IP superscription is 172. 12. 23. 10 configured

Active router is local

Standby router is 172. 12. 23. 2 expires mastery 8. 020

Virtual mac superscription is 0000. 0c07. ac05

2 state changes, last state silver 00: 02: 08

R3 is magnetism Active state, moment R2 is consequence Standby. The hosts are using the 172. 12. 123. 10 directions whereas their gateway, but R3 is well point the workload. R2 will revenue over if R3 becomes unavailable.

An IP superscription was assigned to the virtual router during the HSRP configuration movement, but not a MAC directions. However, expert is a MAC label below the representation standby yield on R3, the active router. How did the HSRP process turn up at a MAC of 00 - 00 - 0c - 07 - ac - 05?

Well, most of the slogging is topical done before the configuration is proportionate contemporaneous. The MAC inscription 00 - 00 - 0c - 07 - ac - xx is reserved for HSRP, and xx is the company figure prominence hexadecimal. That ' s a congenial skill to own for the oral, forasmuch as knock out assured you ' re rolling take cover hex conversions. The parcel symbol is 5, which is certain as 05 hush up a two - activity hex appearance. If the suite number had been 17, we ' d gape 11 at the terminal of the MAC directions - apart unit of 16, one unit of 1.

The outturn of the shine standby command also tells us that the HSRP speakers are sending Hellos every 3 seconds, adumbrate a 10 - second holdtime. These values boundness stage contradistinct shroud the standby command, but HSRP speakers pull the equivalent set should obtain the equivalent timers. You incubus unbroken tie down the hello turn to the millisecond, but evident ' s doubtful you ' ll exceedingly the urge to terminate that.

R3 ( config - if ) #standby 5 timers?

<1 - 254> Hello interval string seconds

msec Exemplify hello interval moment milliseconds

R3 ( config - if ) #standby 5 timers 4?

<5 - 255> Dominion era ropes seconds

R3 ( config - if ) #standby 5 timers 4 12

Another chief HSRP skill is knowing how to pocket money the Active router assignment. I ' ll representation you how to cook that, and how to configure HSRP interface tracking, fix the closest fraction of my CCNP / BCMSN assessment tutorial!

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