By Tips Trik Komputer on 2008-12-19

Timely ... ... Copy is not often that we drink when warm, but this is the 'copy'. Sure for a blogger this is not escape from the day-to-day activities. Not surprisingly copying Blog man .. without mentioning the rights

Early I get a little difficulty writing copy paste or gnomes, because the Windows operating system does not provide tools for meyimpam while the data for our coffee in the paste in bulk. Indeed Coffee paste this trivial problem, but when needed can gee nuisance.

After browsing the nearly 1-month search for this tool, finally I also get a complete software that YouTube is .. Software called Comfort clipboard PRO or pro CClipboard this option. In addition to articles, this software can store various data such as unicode, music, web address, and various.

CClipboard this sortcut that provide easier to surf in the virtual world. As if we want to keep driving to use CTRL-C, paste using inserts or CTRL + V, to show the interface Cclipbord this we can create your own such as CTRL + ALT-INSERT (default). But I lie usefulness of this software, you can select the data which will select for you in a paste (not dry pasta), add your favorite data is often in pastekan (add to Favorite), and calm was only your data can be saved for when time we need in the menu favorite. And of course, this software can be run automatically when Windows startup.

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Amri said...

Pertamax... :pertamax
Copaser sekarang banyak sekali cara mudahnya...

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