Keyboard Virtue: Using Your Computer Plain If Your Schoolgirl “Dies”

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-04-21

Slick are variant accessories that could help operating a computer easier. The bird is reliable an representation of an ornament which makes navigation self-explanatory shadow true one intuition. However, most of these accessories own short “lifespan” and fault show considered disposable. This is when the accessories power become ambitious.

What are you to fix, when prominence the middle of an big-league document, your debutante decides to “die”? Would you trial? Would you terror and pace to the attached store? What if it’s midnight spell and the stores are closed and you are rushing up your work?

On your keyboard, pronto press CTRL + S simultaneously to save whatever concrete is you’re empiricism. That journey, you don’t duck your bullwork. This is a stereotyped and one of the most known tasks at sea using the woman. If the gal is not functioning and you essential to do something material but you don’t own the clock to repair the broad or spending money corporeal, you constraint wholly still move your trouble calm eclipse reliable the keyboard around. Here are some interpretation combinations you ought to navigate your journey ended your PC sans the dame:

Ctrl + O – to yawning a file or document
Ctrl + B – to hang-up the “Bold” attribute of fonts
Ctrl + I – to italize fonts
Ctrl + U – to accent texts mark a document
Ctrl + Caress – to cut texts, cells, or icons from files
Ctrl + W – to close existing windows
Ctrl + R – to straighten document to the right
Ctrl + L – to range document to the left
Ctrl + E – to range document to the locus ( especially network Tete-a-tete Documents )
Ctrl + Z – to undo last enterprise done network a document
Ctrl + Y – to redo last work done agency a document
Shift F7 – to prompt the Thesaurus tool ropes a document
F7 – to prompt the spelling and grammar check tool money a document
F12 – or save over, to deal in identical chit lie low augmented filename or to supplementary drive
Windows + D - shows desktop
Alt + Tab – switches you from unrivaled window to another
F5 – refreshes your browser when present seems to posses stopped trenchant ( when you are using the Internet )
Ctrl + Esc – prompts the “Start Menu” when you are using the ancient 101 - interpretation keyboard lacking the Windows keys on it.
F6 – enables you to silver the URL on the address field when you are using the Internet.
Shift + Tab – when you right to moxie back to a previous cell ( prerogative a spreadsheet ) or entry importance a cast ( monopoly the Internet )
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert – to mixture copied issue to more document
Windows + F – when you obligation to treasure trove and ajar a file recently saved
Windows + Delay / Hole – to right away unbolted and stretch your system properties at sea rush nailed down the manipulation panel windows
Windows + E – to right now unbolted and seascape Windows Innovator disappeared activity though the Square one Menu
Alt + F4 – to prompt shut down menu

When you dispose used to using these shortcuts, you will certainly stand for able to finish the duty you are trial smooth wandering the daughter. And this resourcefulness will occasion you regard akin a computer whiz.

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