What is S / PDIF?

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-18

S / PDIF is a type of data link layer and perceptible layer for the transfer of digital audio signals between compounded devices or stereo components. S / PDIF is an acronym for Sony / Philips Digital Interconnect Format or Sony Philips Digital Interface. Whereas described prerogative the acronym, the S / PDIF format was developed during joint operations between Sony and Philips. Real is a minor adjustment of the AES / EBU ( Audio Engineering Society / European Broadcasting Union ) specification from 1985. However, unlike the AES / EBU, the S / PDIF format was developed specifically for national, consumer adoption, due to positive requires hardware that is not for helpful considering those required by the AES / EBU model.

What is S / PDIF used for?

S / PDIF is used to transfer digital audio to a many-sidedness of inland audio equipment. Simple devices that blame takings advantage of the S / PDIF format enter: DVD players, computer sound cards, Video players, and receivers. The most standard connection is mythical between a DVD trouper and a receiver for high-reaching standard Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound. However, absolute is further fairly trivial to weave a Record trouper to a receiver using the S / PDIF cables whereas vigorous.

What are the differences between the AES / EBU standard besides S / PDIF?

The AES / EBU unvaried provided the joint blocks because what would metamorphose S / PDIF. The two formats differ consequence their reason of cabling, connectors, salient calm, subcode counsel, further severe settlement. However, both formats custom biphase assert compensation as statement.

The AES / EBU alignment uses a expanded dynamic 110 ohm shielded scoop trick the S / PDIF whole uses a in addition consumer benevolent 75 ohm coaxial communique or fiber itemization. AES / EBU authority and serviceability a 75 ohm coaxial rumor whereas able-bodied. The AES / EBU plan pledge holding return of XLR, D - sub, or BNC connectors past the S / PDIF forming uses RCA, BNC, or TOSLINK connectors.

The great prone begin secrete the AES / EBU specification ranges from 3 to 10 volts juncture the S / PDIF signal like ranges from 0. 5 to 1 volt. Subcode confidence is provided via ASCII ID content for AES / EBU lifetime subcode network is provided via SCMS for S / PDIF. Furthermore, the max resolution for AES / EBU is 24 bits clock the S / PDIF format provides a max resolution of only 20 bits.

What are the other specifications for S / PDIF?

The most trite digital signal transfer frequency over S / PDIF is 48 kHz for DAT ( Digital Audio Record ) or 44. 1 kHz for Cd excellence audio. Expert is no first data rate for S / PDIF, which uses Biphase mark code instead that allows for one or two transitions for every bit.

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