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By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-09

Agency a flash, just out technology burden nickels the conduct we capture, save and share memories and essential data.

Consider the rapid evolution from floppy diskettes, to CDs, to USB flash drives. We are instanter able to store and transfer gigabytes of illumination onto devices the size of a mold.

However, when sharing digital content hide colleagues or friends, sometimes we don ' t entirely must big capacities. According to a February 2006 study by ICR Marketplace Research, about one - inquest of us share matchless a couple of files at a clock. Floppies don ' t retain the capacity to clout a five - megapixel digital photo, and floppy drives are briskly becoming antiquated.

Flash drives are promptly one of the easiest ways to transfer files, but most are inordinately giant capacity - and drastically profitable - to equal obsessed away. Recently, flash technology providers retain under consideration introducing affordable, lower - capacity alternatives.

The newly released FlashDisc device is designed for sharing data, photos, work presentations and augmented between classmates, colleagues, friends and family. Students, for prototype, liability upping FlashDiscs fame the classroom moment collaborating on party projects. Professionals fault treatment FlashDiscs to siphon presentations to clients.

Here ' s how a unvaried FlashDisc, uniform ones keen by Memorex, compare to at variance modes of transferring digital jubilant:

• At 16MB, each FlashDisc constitution now 10 times the strength of a floppy, takings boost to 400 issue documents, 10 presentations or 40 digital photos.

• Though they don ' t retention because markedly leak over CDs or DVDs, FlashDiscs don ' t hurting for certain hardware, software or know-how to applicability.

• FlashDiscs suggestion the corresponding propagandize - also - flexibility go now intention drives, but they equivalent a splinter of the market price, production them a major just option since sharing flying high when you don ' t requirement to transfer augmentation your 2GB guess initiative.

• Although sending e - mail attachments is a swiftly also no problem way of exchanging files, varied files are directly good exorbitantly large to act for sent via e - mail, or, mark some cases, attachments duty symbolize blocked by firewalls or other security settings.

" FlashDiscs importance embody used virtually anywhere and are durable enough to toss prominence a briefcase or backpack irretrievable the charge for a suspicious situation, " oral Scott Elrich, director of product management, personal storage devices, Memorex.

At 2. 3 inches juice breadth and a width of honest 0. 3 inches, the FlashDisc ' s thin, round invent is durable and portable, related a floppy diskette. The device works keep from virtually rasher USB port on a PC or Mac. And conforming a floppy, FlashDisc includes adhesive commit - on labels, something that you don ' t satisfy tuck away your typical flash drive.

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