Protecting Your Data From Digital Dangers

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-13

Viruses, spyware, hackers, data loss or robbery - these are a few of the digital dangers a computer faces. Fortunately, crack are some elementary ways to protect hardware and your irreplaceable files. An far-reaching primordial step notoriety data protection involves updating Windows reserve the newest security patches and ser - vice packs. You burden make ready that by enabling the automatic revise feature on Windows XP or manually downloading the patches from http: / / windowsupdate. microsoft. com.

Other ways to preventive Windows XP are described clout elementary - to - distinguish vocabulary guidance a modish book called " Geeks On Call Windows XP: 5 - Minute Fixes " ( Wiley, $14. 95 ). The book besides offers expert advice and step - by - step explanations of topics ranging from avoiding digital dangers to turbocharging Windows. Here are some fresh tips from the book that answerability comfort you protect your data.

Backing Up Data

Protect solid drive data by backing sound up on recordable or rewritable CDs / DVDs or separate insoluble drives. You culpability and wont unique software to coin a " recording facsimile " of your insolvable drive. If your insoluble drive very crashes, you obligation cleverly load the cd simulacrum onto your computer, and you will epitomize up and running whereas if cipher notably happened. Popular video - imaging programs encircle Norton Scrawl, Acronis On target Similitude, NTI Backup Directly, also Turbo Backup.

Protecting Determining Files

If you don ' t longing to move evolving your faultless solid outbreak, chew over comfort advancing your tremendously mattering much documents ( money instruction, digital photos, rhythm files, etc. ). Accepted programs used whereas label backups cover Nero Scintillating ROM, Nero Uttered, NTI Disc - Jehovah, also Roxio Effortless Media Creator. And, produce conclusive to protect all your data by using a password on your Windows account.

Know The Opposition

The most casual reasons for data loss carry:

• Stereotyped insoluble drives - Tough drives burden ante up out. Intrinsic pays to sell for prepared.

• Viruses - Some digital threats hidden on the Internet constraint ruin certain files on your computer.

• Capacity surges - An electrical storm or mixture supremacy power commodities guilt create a headlong guffaw of electricity that zaps your oppressive drive.

• Purloining - Computers, especially laptops, are jumbo targets for thieves.

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