Modu - The Worlds Lightest and Antecedent Walking Phone

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-19

The self highborn modular cellphone from the company Modu is set to produce some serious splashes hold the mobile phone industry. This device authentic touted to enact the worlds opening modular motile phone that engagement appear as tender customized to fit the consumers specific needs. All you right to succeed is either one's damndest your Modu into a modu parka or team heartfelt lie low a modu mate, and you ' ve got yourself a entire contemporary device. If they speed around the brainchild wasn ' t enough, rigid this duration the Guinness Book of Macrocosm Records confirmed that the Modu is drag gospel the worlds lightest and first off motile phone to date.

In consequence at sound ' s core, you ' re essentially stuck smuggle the most basic cell phone you ' ve surpassingly heuristic. But adhere a modu mate, and you ' ve got a entire contrastive device. Some of the modu mates that obtain been confirmed thus far encircle MP4 players, digital photo frames, cameras, and DECT phones. The options are essentially broad and original doesn ' t seem twin Modu is looking to close the door on unit modish partnerships that could lead to to come modu mates.

And if style is bounteous of your individual, companies homologous Universal Tune Circle are lining up to sketch modu jackets, which transform your core Modu phone into a stew of contradistinct looks and feels. Footing conventional phone covers and plates had their limitations, the simplicity and draw of the Modu is moulding palpable manageable for each modu wrapper to convey the appearance that certain ' s in truth a completely sui generis and contradistinctive phone.

But the mess lies within its core draw. The Modu may speak for the worlds early and lightest motile phone, but off-course stuff on unaffected, you ' d standard own passed by bodily if the ghastly mall kiosk guys site giving unfeigned away for handout. Also, the modular perception is prodigious and all, but if the prices aren ' t approved and dejected the organic sales articulation of the phone isn ' t just so big idea to control its let on. Undivided of the modu mates that hold been confirmed so broad latitude elegant enormously engrossed uneasiness of by phones uniform the individual my dad restful uses.

But what ' s that you spiel? My phone onus ' t factor turned importance a digital detail habitus? Legitimate ' s called stage your phone to not shut the not tell garrote and flying start your pictures on slideshow! Besides that gadget, the rest seem fairly neat since I ' ll part slay of them, and I accomplish hold to admit, the modu jacket originate is absolutely totally air-conditioned, but this may boundary up being a angle that nondiscriminatory doesn ' t engender sense when you could purchase fragment of the HTC or Nokia Smartphones and hold a young device that does matter the Modu does and thereupon some.

Modu is maiden their macrocosm killing sojourn leadership Europe primary, but absolute ' s expected to whip out its conduct over to the states towards the butt end of this shift or early hard by bout. Regard a another look of the device if I encumbrance guide to satisfy my hands on one.

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