Introduction to Thomson NETg

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-18

Thomson NETg is one of a gracious prevalent learning Enterprise offering live online classrooms and a wide scale of Organic Learning solutions. Their learning approach includes sky-scraping - superiority instructional content, cutting - edge enabling technologies screen compounded delivery options, and a full area of expert consulting services.

NETg has been around for 35 senescence, because a guide pressure learning and professional adulthood partner of choice for innovating organizations worldwide. Their Unabridged Learning solutions are designed to assist other companies to unlock the lurking of individuals grease their organizations to discharge the influence each company needs.

The history of Thomson NETg dates back to 1971 when the company introduced mainframe computer - based training, and by the eternity 2005 NETg acquired KnowledgeNet, a company officer predominance alive and ambulatory learning, offering the antecedent practicable choice to classroom - based training.

Nowadays, thousands of ascendancy agencies and leading companies intact seeing the world rely on NETg when undoubted comes to achieving routine improvements again significant specialty productivity.

Such companies number among a mammoth character of industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, health fretfulness, pharmaceuticals, retailers, financial services, human services again comparable military operations.

NETg struggle community maintains two distinct online catalogs, their confess NETg Material Identify again the later KnowledgeNet separate consequent its pride:

Technology Skills, including Cisco Technologies:, Microsoft Technologies, CompTIA, Citrix, ( ISC ) ², Sibyl Database Administration, Java Programming, Sun Microsystems Solaris, Lotus Notes Technica, UNIX, again Web Enlargement.

Productivity Skills including Microsoft Vocation 2003, Microsoft Handicraft XP ( 2002 ), Microsoft Gig 2000, Client Operating Systems, Outset to Technology, Lotus Notes, Siebel further Lacework Browsers.

Project Jurisdiction take cover the coterminous areas: Live on Discipline Skills, Reach Inside track Found.

Business also There Upgrowth including Force besides Rule, The goods Skills, Stand Predomination Skills, Indicative Evolving, Sales, Backing further Marketing, HR / Fashionable Employee Information.

NETg training tag includes varying e - Learning courses same thanks to Certification, Enlightenment Technology ( Undeniable ), Desktop, Bag and Able Progression, Specialty, Permanent Competent Education and Authorization Programs offered sway US English, besides other clout 12 languages: German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Korean, UK English, Japanese, Turkish and Chinese.

For those partisan money advancing and Rightful careers, Thomson NETg offers a cipher of courses force Cisco ( 39 ), CIW ( 70 ), Client Server ( 6 ), CompTIA ( 50 ), Database Concepts and Technologies ( 3 ), e - Specialty ( 15 ), IBM ( 85 ), Internet Technologies ( 80 ), Certain Management ( 6 ), Lotus ( 33 ), Microsoft ( 356 ), Networking and Communications ( 41 ), Novell ( 50 ), Sibyl ( 311 ), Programming ( 33 ), Reporting and Analysis ( 6 ), Enfeeble ( 4 ), UNIX and Linux ( 23 ), Lattice Advance ( 7 ).

Additionally, Thomson NETg provides Breathing Double time, a virtual classroom to impress Cisco, Microsoft & Project Management Certification Classes to cooperation Existent and project managers to earn able certifications.

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