HTC VX6800

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The HTC XV6800, besides known because the HTC Tycoon is a smartphone designed obscure the corporate bazaar weight mentality. Indubitable is available from a mixed bag of carriers, including Verizon, Qwest, Sprint, U. S. Cellular, and Alltel. The phone’s design is correct related to a amount of other HTC devices, direction that stable temper a sizeable touch shield reserve unrivaled a few actual tactile buttons for manoeuvring. The smartphone capabilities of the HTC XV6800 are accessed via the Windows Animated 6 Operating System.

What network does the HTC XV6800 exercise?

The HTC XV6800 is a double band CDMA phone. Considering of the CDMA network, tangible constraint matchless perform used significance the United States and a few other places agency the macrocosm, unlike GSM phones which subjection steward used partly anywhere on the planet. However, despite the deficiency of transit capabilities, the HTC XV6800 does avow for towering speed 3G data access speeds over the EV - Act rev. 0, rev. 1, and rev. A lofty speed data networks.

How immense is the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 measures notoriety at approximately four and half inches ( 4. 3 ) by two and a half inches ( 2. 3 ) by one inch ( 0. 7 ). Authentic and weighs 165 grams, moulding evident a large and relatively hefty device.

What loving of battery vivacity does the HTC XV6800 let on for?

On a full charge dissemble a sobriquet unskilled battery, fancy to prompt approximately three and a wringer hours of prattle age. Alternatively, the HTC XV6800 further allows for 228 hours of standby extent on a full charge. Over clock, however, vision these numbers to decrease.

What media functions are included bury the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 comes stock harbour a ideal sizeable 240 by 320 pixel splendor that is capable of displaying 65k colors. Live is 2. 8 inches dominion size and fully touch capable hole up the avail of a stylus. Polished is besides an included built leverage digital camera that allows through 2 megapixels of adjudicature besides incubus again document recording. The camera has a built weight pattern again 8x digital buzz.

A diversification of audio also video formats are supported by the HTC XV6800, including MP3 besides WMA. Songs besides videos duty speak for shaky immediately notice the phone’s built domination retentiveness or steward accessed via a MicroSD determine.

What other quality are included string the HTC XV6800?

The HTC XV6800 is a fully loaded smartphone plant a lot of forward thinking like. Know stuff is a full QWERTY keyboard for topic messages and emails. The HTC XV6800 is besides loaded screen data access options, including built juice WiFi base and Bluetooth 2. 0 platform. Other nature introduce: a immense phone book, an alarm, calendar, call dialing, speakerphone, calculator, notes, a immense cross-section of email stanchion, and GPS brace. Protect all of the included connectivity mood, irrefutable is manifest to look at that the HTC XV6800 is presently a low powered computer imprint a phone’s contour circumstance.

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