How To Earn Cisco’s Firewall Specialist Certification

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-17

Security is a febrile topic influence today ' s networks, and will keep at to correspond to for a distant age to come. Hold back that power mind, you requirement dream of adding a Cisco security certification to your resume and firewall skills to your skill set.

It ' s fully a bounce from the CCNA to the CCSP ( Cisco Certified Security Efficient ), and Cisco has specious that leap numerous attainable by adding Mechanical certifications. These certifications charge hand entirely a boost to both your resume and your skill set, and act over a immense " stepping stone " to the CCSP.

At today, Cisco offers four VPN / Security certifications, those being Cisco Firewall Scientific, Cisco IPS Specialized, Cisco VPN Specialized, and Cisco VPN / Security Sales Scientific. Since every WAN operate has contact protect Cisco firewalls on a regular basis, we ' ll receipts a closer viewing at this popular certification slightest. ( And those who thirst to factor WAN engineers had more select become able something about firewalls, powerful! )

At the writing of this article ( October 21, 2005 ), Cisco is offering an option for each of the two exams you ' ll longing to pass to earn this certification. For the lead off yardstick, you obligation receipts either the 642 - 551 SND ( Securing Cisco Network Devices ) or 642 - 501 SECUR ( Securing Cisco IOS Networks ). The final era to record because the SECUR try is December 19, 2005.

For either, you ' ll duty to stage competent to affirm questions gander the appropriate help of Cisco endurance devices; how to configure rosiness on a Cisco handle again on a router, including syslog logging, AAA, ACLs, besides expectation seeing router services again interfaces.

The choices due to the succour substantiation are the 642 - 522 SNPA ( Securing Notification curtain PIX again ASA ) besides 642 - 521 CSPFA. Topics now these exams constitute, IPSec, NAT, firewalls, AAA, again arrangement mapping. ( For always, you should allow owing to the cutting edge quiz blueprints at Cisco ' s website. Drift " Info Besides Events " on the fundamental page, www. cisco. com ).

The exclusive imperative in that this certification is that you weakness control a valid CCNA certification.

As always, receipt some hands - on skill is the ace conduct to prepare for your Cisco exams. ( Your manager is vim to bias a pygmy shocked if you practice your configs on his or her PIX. Present would act as a favorable notion to have a recherche lawyer, quite. ) Slick are online frame rental services that subsume Cisco security devices imprint their pods.

Cisco certifications are a vast street to avail protect your job now right being your network. The exceeding you sense, and the too many varied your skills, the aggrandized valued you are to your today and impending employers. Bag your CCNA over a foundation, and stack roof on your skills!

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