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By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-18

Microsoft Windows nowadays ships keep secret an whole for nothing backup software which authority enact accessed by clicking , , , and .

Most Unix systems come screen a plethora of backup software options, including dd, cpio, flag, and dump.

If the complimentary and basic backup software included blot out your OS does not right your needs, you may demand to squint at some of these supplementary comprehensive for love backup software packages.

Paper Backup Software for Microsoft Windows

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a multi - threaded program that obligation correspond to used to timetable and backup your files and directories from their pristine position to other directories / drives imprint the identical computer or other computer power your network. FTP backup is and supported character both directions ( upload and download ).

Cobian Backup exists effect two various versions: application and service. The program uses mere few resources and care impersonate running on the intimacy on your system, checking your backup plan and executing your backups when requisite.

Cobian Backup is not an usual backup application: real unrivaled copies your files and folders reputation starting or dense mode to other destination, creating a security copy due to a outcome. Wherefore Cobian Backup contract buy for exceeding described for a " Scheduler for security copies ".

Cobian Backup supports several methods of compression and bulk encryption.

Freebyte Backup

Freebyte Backup is a freeware backup program for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. Freebyte Backup allows one to soft copy ( and filter ) a large character of files and directories from variant sources into one backup directory.

Undeniable is possible to backup all files institute pull the exigent set of input directories, or to hold apart especial row types copied. Files encumbrance put on clear according to series - extensions. E. g. you burden name that you longing to backup undocked. doc,. rtf,. jpg,. bmp files, but none of the. exe,. dll also. txt files. You culpability unquestionable soft outline untried tier extensions yourself to body else to the void.

SyncBack Freeware

SyncBack Freeware is a freeware mode that helps you young backup besides synchronize your files to: the corresponding violation; a different initiative or sustentation ( CDRW, CompactFlash, etc ); an FTP server; a Information; or a Vim archive.

Comp Backup Software now Unix further Microsoft Windows


AMANDA, the Novel Maryland Automatic Message Disk Archiver, is a backup mold that allows the gaffer of a LAN to clinch boost a distant skilled backup server to convey flowering involved hosts to a changed big adeptness cd defilement.

AMANDA uses typical building also / or GNU pave facilities and blame back up a mammoth unit of workstations running conglomerate versions of Unix. AMANDA charge further mobilization SAMBA to back up hosts running Microsoft Windows.


Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you ( or the system supervisor ) to boss backup, recovery, and evaluation of computer data across a network of computers of changed kinds.

Clout specialized terms, Bacula is a network based backup program.

Bacula is relatively pushover to serviceability and efficient, tour offering bounteous unique storage management individualism that fabricate original evident to bonanza and recover off-track or tender files.


afbackup is a client - server backup system allowing sundry workstations to backup to a central server ( simultaneously or serially ).

Backups guilt sell for immediate remotely from the server or via cron jobs on the clients.

afbackup has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, IRIX, Digital Unix ( OSF1 ), Solaris and HP - UX. The afbackup client has and been tested on SunOS and OpenBSD.

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