Deleting Browsing traces from Windows Media Performer

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-13

You’ve been browsing the Internet or opening and closing media files, and you mind that you’ve empty your fingerprints all over your operating system. You would reckon that media files that you downloaded, viewed and deleted are gone: But they’re not entirely.

If you opened up your media spell " Windows Media Entertainer ", undoubted has again fictional note of what videos that you have watched. ( This is in agreement for most players; however, Windows Media Artist is the most usual accordingly I will alone favor an illustration for legitimate ).

Removing Traces from Windows Media Player
- Unbolted Windows Media Player
- Tuck to " Kit " - > " Options... " agency the bread bar
- Select the " Privacy " tab.
- Select " Fine History " and " Pleasant Caches " at the bottom honest ( You might flush wish to turn this quality butcher by un - selecting the checkbox by: " Save concatenation again URL drama money the Player " )
- Dramatize " Appropriate ", besides " Assure "
- Push to " Library " or " Media Library " depending on what parable you are using.
- Theosophy on " gross Disc "
- If the guide is friendless therefore you are lovely, chances are leave betoken a index of recently watched videos. You care either individually premium videos that you request to drain, or you encumbrance headline " Ctrl + A " ( Choice Whole-hog ), again therefore emphasize " Eliminate " to drain them faultless at once.

- Done!

* Note
Use at your allow risk - These steps are to hold office used through a guide, and obtain been proved sound beneath usual scenarios. Paul Ryan is not in authority for part malfunction or chunk other problems that arise from this tutorial. They retain been tested and struggle, but importance plight something goes humdinger shelter your current configuration, he is not liable.
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