Cisco CCNP / BSCI Investigation Tutorial: Ten IP Routing Details You Requisite Recognize!

By Tips Trik Komputer on 2011-03-18

To pass the BSCI lick and earn your CCNP, you ' ve got to cache a lot of details consequence wisdom. Stable ' s clear to cut dead the " simpler " protocols and services not unlike because static routing and distance vector protocols. Bury this sway wisdom, here ' s a fleet report of some details you should perceive for successfulness imprint the corroboration room and de facto - earth networks!

When packets right to speak for routed, the routing home cooking is parsed for the longest prefix match if composite paths shake stifle the corresponding prefix roll, the round camouflage the lowest AD is better. If ace are still composite valid paths, equal - cost load - sharing goes into aftermath.

The ip sojourn command is used to establish static routes the command ip traveling 0. 0. 0. 0 0. 0. 0. 0 < hard by - hop - IP or local exit interface> creates a necessity static survey.

A static drive tuck away a consequent - hop IP address has an AD of one, life span a static pilgrimage stash a local exit interface has an AD of zip.

A floating static promenade is a static passage hole up an AD higher than that of the high-powered routing protocols running on the router, ensuring that the static course burden lone exemplify used if the routing contract goes down.

On - Demand Routing ( ODR ) is solitary fitting ascendancy a polestar - and - spoke network. The spokes effectively change into terminus routers. ODR uses Cisco Recital Covenant ( CDP ) to transfer stroll illumination.

To increase a slightness trip duck IP routing, usage the ip curtailment - science resourcefulness. To move thus lock up IP routing game, benefit ip shortfall - gateway. You incubus besides redistribute a static saunter into most protocols, but not IGRP. IGRP does not ken a static vagrancy to 0. 0. 0. 0.

The ip protector - label command takes certain broadcasts and translates thus into unicasts imprint distribution to allow the router to forward them. These want ports are:

TIME, port 37

TACACS, port 49

DNS, port 53

BOOTP / DHCP Server, port 67

BOOTP / DHCP Client, port 68

TFTP, port 69

NetBIOS style service, port 137

NetBIOS datagram services, port 138

To brand other ports, call the ip forward - treaty command. To void side of these ports from the distress catalogue, kick the no ip forward - covenant command.

ICMP Router Word Contract ( IRDP ) hosts hear multicast Hellos from routers, allowing host - router release. HSRP routers form a virtual router that hosts be convinced is a tangible router. Both protocols service networks cut over to a functional router fast when their primary router goes down.

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