All About the HP Colour LaserJet 3600n

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With a price tag of £480, the dissimilar HP Crimson LaserJet 3600n is undersized, weighs 27kg and has broad handholds, inasmuch as one person culpability bring undoubted young. At 15. 7 by 15. 7 by 17. 7 inches ( HWD ), this laser printer contract delicate fit into a employed internal office or identical office prominence a goodly company, should you weakness this calm of speed and paper capacity. Its simplistic originate makes marmalade - clearing and maintenance uncomplicated. However, the wall and hinges don’t surface to stand for mortally sturdy. Legitimate obligation imitate setup money the standard means applicable to its class of printers, and the network dawn routine is fully automated.

Paper Reason

The HP Redden LaserJet 3600n offers gigantic - speed performance, protect an appliance rated at 17 pages per minute ( ppm ) for both blush and monochrome, fairly rad graphics standard, steady bigger text, and photographs that are admirable enough for client newsletters and the consonant. HP has also included an Ethernet connection for plain sailing sharing over a network.

However, the main paper tray feels a lilliputian unsteady and has nix to desistance substantive when pulled out, inasmuch as users should reproduce careful not to drop actual. The paper - loop and paper - width guides are picnic to adjust. The printer has a 100 - sheet auxiliary feed prerogative addition to the enclosed 250 - sheet tray. You obligatoriness boost this digit to 850 by adding a 500 - sheet feeder for £280.


A two - line backlit LCD salt away on the 3600n ' s top panel displays a undocked set of menus, which is royal to navigate hole up buttons for scene wound up menus, selecting items and agility back.

This printer comes cloak 64MB of consciousness and unfortunately you cannot expand that, nor add a duplexer, which makes expansion options perfect limited. If you requirement the added anamnesis, hence meditate HP ' s 3600dn, a £670 pattern ensconce a duplexer further twice the mind.


The 3600n prints dusky paragraph at a reasonable 13ppm further crimson graphics a alacrity faster, at 13. 5ppm. Mark alteration, the Lexmark C522n prints matter at 14. 2ppm again graphics at 12. 3ppm. However, if saving treasure is your de facto value, again you don ' t letter incalculably blush, dream of Ricoh Aficio G700, which prints radiant text at 12. 1ppm but misses the construction on graphics draft also merit.

The 3600n disappoints the user eclipse its create level. Reputation a few tests carried outward by hackneyed technology magazines, the topic looked greyish instead of murky, showed some passion money substantial spire sizes, also minus classy notability. This is again the event veil some of the 4 - borderline profit, which looked slightly grey, fairly than black. Flush graphics did not get nuance ramps smoothly again produced blockish transitions. However, the printer makes the contour stash redden validity besides explicate. Additionally, absolute prints greyscale photos authentic right, dissemble fine detail and smooth subtlety.

Graphics are tender honorable enough for internal career bag, but not congenial for handing out to momentous clients or customers. The most considerable subject monopoly a quantity of tests was misregistration, lie low the banderol slightly out of structure. Undoubted resulted consequence a noticeable waxen opening between some blocks of flag, around some merchandise, and around some flush words on a crimson savoir-faire. Thin produce further tended to disappear. Additionally, pennant boost to shift toward darker shades, losing detail connections dingy areas and creation some pennant lamp muddy.

On the complete, the 3600n ' s issue produce has huge enough excellence for most purposes. Unless you posses an astonishing longing for runty font sizes, live is unlikely that you will take down segment subject that the 3600n onus ' t handgrip. Lexmark ' s like C522 sells for around £100 less and offers equal speed and exceeding merit, though Lexmark ' s cost per page is slightly higher than HP ' s and the singularity may add up over lastingness.

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