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By Tips Trik Komputer on 2010-04-04

OmniBux is a website that pays you to click ads, and refer others to do the same.
We pride ourselves on showing our creativity, dedication, and respect towards our members. Unlike most online income websites out there, we are here to fulfill our member's needs and to sustain our growth .

  • For Superb members - $0.01 per click
  • For Preferred members - $0.01 Cents per Click


MINIMUM PAYMENT: $2.00 (progressive)
PAYMENT PROCESSOR: Alertpay and Paypal

    • Superb members - $0.30
    • Preferred members - $0.25
    • Superb Members - 75 direct referrals
    • Preferred Members - 100 direct referrals
    WHOIS INFORMATION: (courtesy of



    This site reminds me of TUIBUX, the only difference is that Tuibux uses an Olive Green color with their site while this one uses blue. A lot of clickers suspected that the admin has connection with the scammers but here is his answer to this allegations:

    Tuibux is dead, so there is no other site on the internet that looks and works like ours. In addition, work has been put toward customization, and loads more work is planned You can rest assured that we are NOT in any way affiliated with "Lucky Star Co", or "Imagedough". (The scammers who bought out TuiBux).
    Also, we NOT are owned or managed by the original owners of T**bux, who sold out in the first place.
    I was also a TuiBux investor who got scammed...
    I agree that earning the trust of members will certainly take time, but I do believe it's possible, and I know it will happen eventually. (

    Admin reveals his identity through a name " Shannon Guggenheimer" and being an active clicker in Buxwiz & Tuibux with a user name "jobobalo " as what he said in his site's forum.

    After the design and script use to this site, i think that this site looks promising though a lot of doubts are still unresolved. But let's see, i hope this one would continuously operate even after prelaunch as a lot of new PTC sites that having their start through Prelaunch mode end up being scam and unsustainable after a week of full launch.

    I notice some or few payments from the accomplishment section of their forum and therefore i might say that this site is having a great start although there are some doubts about the identity of the admin and the source of the script. Meanwhile, if you have been by this site or any problems encounter being a member of this site and receives poor service from the admin, kindly post your details here. Free to register but invest at your own risk. So…Omnibux is Now Not Scam.

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